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2012 第二屆交通大學英語才藝比賽NEW iPad等你來贏! [2012/09/17]


2012 NCTU’s Got Talent …and it speaks English
NEW iPad等你來贏!
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Can you sing and dance? Can you ride a unicycle?
Can you play an instrument? Can you make us laugh?
Can you entertain us in any way at all?
…and, more importantly, can you do it in English?
If you can, then you can win big prizes!
Location: NCTU Theater (Student Activity Center, 2F)
地點:交大演藝廳 活動中心二樓
Date: Tuesday, October 30th (19:00 – 22:00)
How to register (報名及聯絡方式):
Register before (報名截止): Friday, October 19th, 2012
1.   at the NCTU Language Center Office
   (Assembly Building I, 5F, Room 527)
   直接到交大語言中心辦公室報名 (綜合一館五樓 527)
2. or email to ite9804@gmail.com to receive a registration form
Preliminary rounds (if required): 2012/10/22 - 2012/10/26
預定初賽日期 (視報名隊數而定)2012/10/22- 2012/10/26
2012 NCTU’s Got Talent 第二屆交通大學英語才藝比賽
2012 NCTU’s Got Talent is the second annual NCTU English language talent competition. It is held by the Language Teaching and Research Center (交大語言中心) and supported by NCTU Institute of TESOL (交大英語教學研究所). If you have a talent and you can combine that skill with English, then this is your time to shine. If you have a talent, but are unsure about your English, then this is your time to make a team with your friends and shine together. Anyone can join, as long as you are a student at NCTU and English is not your native language. You can also choose to perform by yourself or in a small group. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to show off your hidden talents and maybe even win a prize.
2012 NCTU’s Got Talent是交通大學第二屆年度英語才藝競賽,由交大語言中心主辦,交大英語教學研究所協辦,交大校友會贊助。如果你有才藝,能將英文融入其中,那麼來參賽讓自己發光發熱吧!如果你有才藝,但英文自信不足,揪團參賽也很讚!每個交大學生都可參加,只要你的母語不是英文,個人或團體都歡迎。這是你人生中嶄露頭角的契機,還可獲得大獎喔!
Competition Rules:
1) Eligibility 資格:
All NCTU students, undergraduate or postgraduate, domestic or foreign, from any department may enter the talent contest. The only exception is international students whose first language is English.
2) Team size 隊伍人數:
The contest is open to both individual and group acts. The maximum number of participants in a group is four. All team members must meet the eligibility requirements above.
You can form a small group with your classmates, other students from your department, your roommates, other club members, or just perform by yourself. If you like, you can officially represent your department or club. As long as every team member is eligible, all of these options are great.
個人賽或組隊皆可,至多四人,你可以和你的同班同學、系上同學、室友、或是社團朋友一起參賽、或是一個人SOLO。甚至,你們可以用科系或是社團名義參加比賽!!! 科系或是社團參賽隊伍數沒有限制。只要所有成員符合第一點的資格。
3) Time requirement 時間限制
Each act must perform for approximately 4 minutes (3m30s – 4m30s). If your act is too short or too long, points will be deducted from your score
4) English requirement要求現場英文口說:
The majority of the duration of all performances must include the production of oral English (spoken, sung or other). The English content cannot be pre-recorded.
For group acts, every participant must produce some English.
Languages other than English are not allowed. If another language is used during the performance, points will be deducted.
5) Types of act permitted表演類型
As long as it is safe, and meets the English language requirements as stated above, any talent may be performed.
Example acts could be:
Singing and dancing
Acting Stand-up comedy
Juggling while reciting Shakespeare Magic
Kung-fu Puppet Theater in English Mime with commentary
Riding a unicycle while singing a rock song Acapella
Playing the ukulele and singing a love song
Basically, you can do anything which will entertain the audience and includes oral English.
6) Equipment器材提供
The auditorium will be equipped with microphones for each team member and teams will be able to play music through the PA system. Teams will of course perform on stage. Any additional equipment must be provided by the team and cannot be plugged into the auditorium power supply without prior agreement.
Any music performances should be either performed acoustically or using free-standing equipment with a self contained power supply.
Acts will not be given additional set-up time. When your act is called to perform, you will go on stage, perform, receive a wonderful round of applause from the audience who loved your act, and then immediately come off stage.
7) Judging decisions 評分方式:
The judges’ decisions will be based on the quality of the talent demonstrated, the entertainment value of the performance, and the level of English language produced. The goal of the competition is to have fun, to entertain the audience and to do it using English. As such it may not be the most talented person, or the best English speaker who wins the competition, but rather the person who combines all of these factors into the best overall performance. In all cases, the judges’ decision is final.
8) Free English consultation offered 提供免費英語諮詢服務
We offer free English consultation for all participants. The consultants are teachers from NCTU Language and Research Center. You may apply for a consultation session if you would like help with your performance. For more consultation details, http://ltrc.nctu.edu.tw/room/
我們提供免費的英語諮詢服務給參賽者。你可至浩然B1語言自習中心預約語言中心老師一對一諮詢,歡迎利用這項服務來讓你的英文表演更精彩。更多預約資訊請參考 http://ltrc.nctu.edu.tw/room/